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Friday, December 05, 2008

Carving out a corner of one's own.

Earlier this year, Jenny and I decided it was time to clean the house. Really clean it. And also do a little micro re-decorating. To have a nice summer house for drinking sangria and reading in the living room without being afraid of a growing stack of papers falling and spilling across the room, or the dog's fur attaining enough volume to become sentient.

In the midst of this we decided that the kitchen needed a new storage system, and that this meant we needed to find a place for the butcher block. I decided that this place would be a corner of the office heretofore devoted to camping equipment, props and costumes from various shows and milk crates full of scripts. I would use this butcher block for my sewing machine and create a (angelic chorus here) CRAFTING AREA.

Not a craft room. Just a nook. With supplies neatly boxed and inspiration visible.

Renovations were completed in the kitchen, the butcher block moved to near its new home, but it took a while longer to get to the actually carving and creating. In the meantime, I mentioned it to my college roommate, who said to please take pictures because she loves before and after.

That did the trick. I knocked off a few shots, and set to work. Here it is in all it's pre-craft area glory, the office corner full of stuff.

The corner of the office, before
Originally uploaded by StoneAmazon.

Feel free to be amazed about NYC apartments.

The corner of the office, before
Originally uploaded by StoneAmazon.

I'll answer any questions.

The view from the corner of the office, before
Originally uploaded by StoneAmazon.

Catch you on the flip-side.


Blogger brittunia said...


My name is Britt and would like to ask your permission to use a pic of yours from Flickr for a story I am doing on competitive knitting (Sock Wars train). Could you please let me know if that would work? Thanks and Happy Knitting, Britt

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